Hardwood Floor Options: From Staining And Sanding To New Installation

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Hardwood Floor Options: From Staining And Sanding To New Installation

19 November 2020
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If you have old hardwood flooring that has become tired and beaten down looking, then it is time to contact the professionals. There are hardwood flooring experts available who can quickly assess the damage to your floor and inform you of the best course of action. The following article will outline the different restorative approaches that can be applied to hardwood flooring and include a brief discussion of when to get a new hardwood floor installation

Sanding and Staining: Floors That Are In Good Condition

If the hardwood flooring is in rough shape, then it might be time to have it sanded, stained, and re-coated with poly. This is commonly done to homes where the hardwood flooring has been damaged by years of foot traffic. It's a very common procedure and easily taken care of in a weekend. 

The main process involves the hardwood floor technicians sanding the floors with a large floor sander. These machines remove the old finish and bring the wood down to a bare, fresh starting point. The next step involves vacuuming all of the dust away so that the finish is pristine. After the floors are vacuumed with a dust collector, the stain is applied, and finally, the poly is applied. 

It will usually take a good 24 hours between the stain coat and the application of the poly coat. The time is important because it allows for everything to dry correctly. If poly is put onto the stain too soon it can become messy and the result will have to be redone. 

New Installation: For Areas That Never Had Hardwood Flooring

If the home has never had hardwood flooring, then the process calls for a completely new installation. The amount of time it takes to do the installation depends upon the type of flooring that is currently there. If there is currently tile, then it will be a longer process than if there is carpet of linoleum. 

The installers will have to come in and remove any existing flooring. They will then have to lay down an appropriate subfloor and then begin the hardwood flooring installation.  

Before that process is undertaken, it is important to decide on a type of hardwood (ash, maple, or oak) as well as the proper finish. Some people prefer a darker colored wood, while other people will want a bright blonde or natural stain applied to the hardwood. And lastly, it is important to pick an appropriate top finish. While poly is a popular choice, there are also oil based finishes such as tung oil. However, these do require more maintenance, so it is important to take that into consideration.