Considering Porcelain Tile? 4 Key Factors To Help You Choose

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Considering Porcelain Tile? 4 Key Factors To Help You Choose

3 September 2019
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From beauty and durability to style and value, tile can be a great flooring option for any room of the house. Of course, all tile is not created equal, so finding the right tile for your specific needs and the room's style can be challenging. If you are shopping for new porcelain tile, you may be overwhelmed by your options, but help is available. Here are a few factors to help you choose the right porcelain tile.


Just like all tile is not the same – all porcelain tile is not the same, meaning there are different types of porcelain tile for different needs.

Sealed tile, for instance, has a protective coating on the surface, which protects the tile from moisture and stains. Make sure to use sealed porcelain tile in rooms with a high moisture content, such as bathrooms, kitchens, or laundry rooms.


The overall look of your porcelain tile also matters, but its appearance does not necessarily focus on size and color only. Choosing between glazed and unglazed porcelain will be necessary.

Glazed porcelain does have the protective layer over the tile's surface, protecting the tile while adding a bit of texture and shine to the tile. For example, glazed porcelain can be finished in a matte or shiny finish if preferred.

Unglazed tile is still a great option because it offers a rough texture that many people love. You can also have unglazed tile with a polished surface if you prefer a more traditional look.


You will also need to focus on how slippery the porcelain will be, especially when choosing tile for wet areas of your home, such as the bathroom and kitchen.

Opt for nonabsorbent porcelain for areas with a high moisture content to ensure the tiles are not slippery.


Another factor you will need to consider is the class of porcelain you choose. Again, most people are surprised to learn porcelain tile comes in different classes that represent the overall durability, abrasion, and resistance to wear.

The highest class of porcelain will be the most durable, making it a great option for commercial buildings with lots of foot and machinery traffic. For your home, you could choose a middle grade of class that stands up well to foot traffic, furniture, and pets.

Choosing the right porcelain tile does not have to be impossible. This guide will help you get started finding the porcelain tiles to meet your needs.