Are You Building An Outdoor Patio?

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Are You Building An Outdoor Patio?

16 January 2019
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Did you recently move into a home that doesn't have a patio as part of the home's design? Or, it might be that you have lived in your house for some time, but you haven't had the time or the money to create a patio as part of your back yard design. Whatever the reason that you are building an outdoor patio, whether you are doing the work yourself, or whether professionals are doing the work for you, you are probably very excited to have the patio ready for spring and summer of 2019. From arranging for the flooring to buying patio decor, here are some ideas that might help you.

The Flooring - Do you already know the kind of foundation you want for your patio? Of course, there is outdoor carpeting which would look nice and would even be easy to maintain. However, consider selecting something like wood or tile which will be even easier to maintain and which will last for many years. Wood will give your outdoor patio a warm and traditional look. Think of selecting redwood. Over the years it will more than likely need to be re-stained, but that's not hard to do, even for a person who is not a do-it-yourself kind of individual. 

If you want something truly dramatic and original, consider having tile for the flooring of your patio. Saltillo tile or Talavera tile would give a bit of a Mexican feeling to your patio. If your patio will be close to where people will be doing water sports, or even if you have a swimming pool, when you select your tile think of choosing a tile that won't be too slippery. 

The Decor - Start with your choice of furniture. For example, if you selected wood for the patio flooring, consider buying wood for your furniture, too. However, select wooden furniture that is of a slightly different color, just to add contrast to the area. If you went with tile, consider buying wrought iron furniture to keep with the Mexican feeling of your patio.

Think of what you will use as the focal point of your patio, too. For example, consider buying a large wall fountain. If there is enough space, a multi-tiered fountain for the center of the patio would be sensational. Add interest to the patio area by placing decorative pots of different sizes and materials is strategic places, too. When spring arrives, fill them with assorted plants, including colorful flowers.