Five Things You Can Do With Vinyl Waterproof Flooring That You Can't With Other Floors

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Five Things You Can Do With Vinyl Waterproof Flooring That You Can't With Other Floors

22 March 2018
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Waterproof flooring, specifically wood-look vinyl flooring, is an amazing product. In addition to reducing cleaning and tidiness worries, there is so much more you can do and so many things you can allow on this type flooring. Some other types of wood-look flooring are only waterproof to a certain point, but after a while they lose that ability. The following things you can do or allow to happen on vinyl flooring that you cannot do or allow on other types of waterproof flooring.

Water Balloon Fight

Teenagers engage in a lot of activities they probably should not. That is why a water balloon fight in the house on your vinyl floor is not that unexpected when it happens. The same holds true for anyone firing off water guns. All of that water will just sit on top of the vinyl flooring until someone mops it up (probably the person who started it).

New Puppies in a Pen

Until you start taking the puppies outside to start potty training, puppies are going to urinate (and defecate) all over the floor. The good news is, when you pen your pups up on the vinyl floor, you can easily clean up the messes. It leaves no trace of discoloration or smell. None of the puppy mess can get into the small cracks of the flooring, where the waterproofing will not prevent odors and liquid from seeping downward.

Muddy and/or Wet Boots and Shoes

Waterproof vinyl flooring is a preferred flooring material for mud rooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and entryways. Because the vinyl flooring's naturally waterproof features, you and your family can trek indoors from heavy rains and muddy yards and know that the flooring is going to be fine. In fact, if your kids trek in through the back door and halfway across the kitchen floor before you stop them, you are still okay. It is just a matter of wiping up a little extra dirt.

Broken Washers

In laundry rooms with waterproof vinyl flooring, you will find that you are thanking yourself for this flooring choice often. When your washing machine breaks down, when it overflows, or when your utility sink's hose disconnects from the wash tub, you will be glad that the flooring is both vinyl and waterproof. The water cannot go anywhere but on the floor where you wipe it up.

Kids That Spill Everything

Organic apple juice on a wood floor creates a Petri dish for mold growth, despite the fact that it is labeled waterproof. The mold is growing in the cracks. Foods like mashed up noodles and/or pasta sauces cause the same issues with Pergo floor tiling and laminate flooring. While the flooring resists wetness, and you have done what you needed to do to keep these materials clean, missing a spot can still result in microscopic bits of mold in the cracks. Ergo you need wood-look vinyl flooring so that there are no cracks into which microscopic food bits can fall when your kids spill everything they eat and drink.

Installation and Care

Installation of this type of flooring is incredibly simple. It rolls out, and the installer cuts it to fit around cabinet bases and under appliances, if applicable. Caring for wood-look vinyl flooring is even easier than the installation, which almost seems impossible. You only need paper towels for little messes and liquids, and a mop and bucket for bigger messes. If you want to disinfect this type of flooring, hot water and a little white, distilled vinegar is all you really need. If there is mud or something thicker stuck in your flooring, a soft-bristled scrub brush and gentle soap helps.

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