Installing Carpeting In Some Rooms Of Your Home? Tips For Blending Carpet With Hardwood

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Installing Carpeting In Some Rooms Of Your Home? Tips For Blending Carpet With Hardwood

30 October 2017
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Are you planning on installing carpeting in only some of the rooms in your home? If so, you may be concerned about how the new carpet and the remaining hardwood will blend together. Using both flooring materials will not seem as mismatched as you imagine it will, and there are some ways you can help blend the two materials together.


You can always use a rug so that half of it covers the new carpeting and the other half covers the hardwood. For instance, this can be used in a doorway leading to a bedroom, or separating a living room from a carpeted home office.

You will want to use a rug that looks way different from the texture and color of the carpeting for this technique to work properly. If the rug looks too similar, it will just look odd and out of place. Consider using a rug that has a floral design on it, or maybe one that has a variety of patterns to give it some dimension.

Decorative Items

Another way to blend two rooms together is with the decorative items inside them. Using similar mirrors, end tables, or picture frames can help tie two rooms together, even if the flooring material is quite different.

The key to using decorative items is to pick similar standout pieces that someone is sure to notice, rather than subtle items that could be missed. While each space of the home can have a personality of their own, it is the decorative items that tie everything together.


You can make the transition between rooms seems softer with the lighting that you use. Yellow light can achieve by making the two rooms feel as if they are blending together, especially when used along with other techniques. Stay away from using pure white LED light bulbs that will make the transition between carpet and hardwood stand out more.

Wall Colors

Colors are another way to bring rooms together. Consider painting both rooms with a similar color, but with one being slightly darker than the other. This will make the change between hardwood and carpet appear less noticeable as the color of the rooms extend into each other.

If you want different colored rooms, use an accent color so that each room has one wall that matches.

These are just a few tips for blending new carpet with existing hardwood. Speak with professional carpet installer from companies like McSwain Carpets and Floors for more ideas.