Is Your Hardwood Flooring Stained? Know How It Can Be Fixed

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Is Your Hardwood Flooring Stained? Know How It Can Be Fixed

28 June 2017
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You may have decided to use hardwood flooring throughout your home because it is much more resistant to staining than carpeting. However, stains can even occur to hardwood that are difficult to remove. Here is how to fix problems with hardwood staining.

Water Related Stains

Water is a big problem with hardwood flooring. You'll noticed that the moisture on the wood can cause the wood to become discolored and pulpy. Any pulp on the floor will need to be scraped away so that the area underneath the damaged wood can dry. If there is discoloration under the pulp you will need to use bleach to turn it to a gray color.  Sand the damaged grain away, apply a stain, and coat the floor with wax.

Sticky Stains

Before you can treat the stain caused by a sticky substance you have to remove the substance on the floor. You can use a plastic bag filled with ice to make the substance hard. This allows you to more easily chip away at the substance, and you can even remove it in a large chunk rather than small pieces. It helps to use a hardwood floor cleaning product to remove remaining residue after the majority of it is removed.

This technique works great on chewing gum or wax that has fallen onto your floor. However, you want to avoid using sandpaper or steel wool to get rid of a sticky substance. The area will become worse as the material you are using sticks to the substance.

Ink Stains

An ink stain can be very hard to get out of hardwood flooring with it depending on how deep it soaked into the wood. You will need steel wood and commercial flooring cleaner to treat the area that has been affected. Start by thoroughly washing the area that has the stain and scrubbing with the steel wool to see if the stain is only at the surface level.

If the ink stain has not gone away, then you will need to sand down the floor using a fine sandpaper. Once the stain is gone, re-wax the area and polish the wood. Be aware that you may need to replace the floorboard if the ink stain has penetrated deep into the wood

If you have a lot of stains that has caused your flooring to look bad over the years, consider having your hardwood floors professionally refinished to treat them all at the same time.