Reduce The Cost Of Your Carpet Installation In A Few Simple Steps

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Reduce The Cost Of Your Carpet Installation In A Few Simple Steps

21 June 2017
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Replacing the carpet in your home is a very affordable home remodel that will have a huge influence on the style and look of any room. The cost of carpet installation is relatively low compared to tile, hardwood or other flooring options. But, you can make your carpet installation project even more affordable by doing a small portion of the work on your own. This article explains how to reduce your labor costs by removing your old carpeting. This project is simple, and can be handled without any power tools.

What You Need

You don't need many tools for this job. Here is a good list of tools, clothing and other supplies you need to remove carpet:

  • Utility knife with several replacement blades
  • Hammer with traditional claw back
  • Thick flathead screwdriver or dull chisel
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Kneepads
  • Protective leather gloves
  • Truck or large van for transporting large rolls of carpet away from your home

Removing the Carpet

The first step in removing carpet is finding an edge from where you can lift it up. You can use the utility knife to actually cut a slit in the middle of the carpet and then lift up from there using the claw end of a hammer. The task is easiest if you can pull an edge up, near the wall. Once the carpet is off of the tack strips, which are near the wall, it peels up very easily. You might have to use a screwdriver to dig an edge out from underneath the baseboard. 

You need to use the knife to cut the carpet into small sections that you be able to lift and carry our of the house. Usually, sections that are less that 6' wide will be light enough to carry out over your should.

Removing the Tack Strips and Staples

Most floors will have tack strips, and some will also have staples that secure the carpet pad to the subfloor. You can pull the carpet pad right off of the floor, but most of the staples will remain stuck in the wood. Use the screwdrivers or chisels to scrape away the staples. If theses don't work, your pliers should work fine. Finally, you need to get the tack strips off the of the ground by hammering the screwdrivers underneath them, and then prying the strip up. This is easy, but it will create a mess.

To finish the job, you just need to clean the floor. Now, you can have your new carpet installed. Contact a flooring company, such as Profloors America LLC, for more help.