3 Big Reasons Without Merit Homeowners Choose Something Other Than Hardwood Floors

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3 Big Reasons Without Merit Homeowners Choose Something Other Than Hardwood Floors

23 May 2017
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Since many years ago, hardwood flooring has been the traditional type of flooring for residential homes. Even today, many new homes are built or later outfitted with traditional wood flooring. However, with new developments in the availability of different flooring types, such as laminate, carpet, and vinyl, many homeowners have strayed away from tradition and may choose something other than hardwood. Take a look at some of the reasons why homeowners choose a different type of flooring than hardwood and why their reasoning often holds no merit at all. You may just find that hardwood could be the best choice for your own home flooring style. 

Reason: Wood flooring is hard to maintain and needs a lot of attention. 

In Truth: Of all of the reasons why people choose to go with something other than hardwood floor installations for their homes, this is usually the most prevailing. There is a general misconception that hardwood flooring is hard to maintain, even though really, it is no harder to maintain than most flooring when it is cared for properly. Modern wood flooring is finished with highly resilient sealants most of the time, which means it can be cleaned much like any other hard-surface flooring. 

Reason: Wood flooring does not provide insulation to the home like carpet does. 

In Truth: If you don't like the idea of cold floors in the house, you may shy away from hardwood. However, hardwood floors are not as cold as you may think. Plus, they actually do a pretty good job of adding an extra layer of insulation to the floor of your home because of its solid composition. Carpet may have padding and plush fibers, but it is not a solid layer, which means cold air can still slip through if the floors beneath are not well insulated. 

Reason: Wood flooring is just way too expensive to be logical. 

In Truth: It is true that having wood flooring installed can be a little more costly. However, this cost is not really relative to the materials, but the time that it takes to install the floor, which must go in place piece by piece. Yet, when you have a hardwood floor installed in your home, you could easily see this flooring there for the life of the house itself. Hardwood flooring can be refinished and repaired as needed through the years, where other types of flooring would simply have to be replaced. So even though the initial investment may be higher, you are making an investment that will last a long time.