Why Vinyl Plank Flooring Is A Good Choice When You Have Pets

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Why Vinyl Plank Flooring Is A Good Choice When You Have Pets

11 April 2017
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When you have pets in the house, it's a challenge to keep your floors clean. Your animals spend a lot of time on the floor and leave behind odors, hairs, saliva, and even the occasional accident. If you love pets and intend on always having them in your life, then you should make things easier on yourself by installing pet-friendly flooring. One good choice is vinyl plank. Here's why it's a good match for pets.

Vinyl Looks Like Real Wood

One of the nice things about vinyl plank flooring is that it looks like real wood, so it goes with every décor. Hardwood floors aren't a good match for pets since they scratch easily and they can be ruined by urine. When you go with vinyl planks, you can have the look of wood without all the maintenance and worry about damage. Planks come in a variety of colors and grain patterns so you'll find them to match about every type of natural hardwood available whether you like the look of pine or distressed barn wood.

Planks Are Easy To Replace

Vinyl planks are installed in a variety of ways. They can be glued down, attached with peel-and-stick adhesive, or they can click together. The planks that click together are easy to install and easy to replace. When you have pets, it's a good idea to buy extra planks and keep them on hand so you'll have matching spares. If a plank is destroyed, you can easily unlock it and replace it with a new one. Vinyl can withstand a lot of abuse, but if you have a pet that repeatedly uses the same corner as a bathroom, the acid in the urine may cause staining over time. You may also want to replace the plank to eliminate the scent once your pet has outgrown the bad habit.

Vinyl Is Easy To Keep Clean

Another benefit of vinyl is that it is easy to keep clean, especially when compared to carpeting or hardwood floors. Vinyl withstands water, so you can use a wet mop on it to get rid of pet body odor and stains. Picking up pet hair is as quick and easy as going over the floor with a dust mop or damp mop. If someone in your home has allergies, then living with a pet is more tolerable if hair and dander are removed daily. This can be a chore unless you have flooring that is easy to mop. Plus, vinyl is flat and smooth, so there are no fibers or crevices for dander to accumulate in, which makes the floors easy to clean.

Vinyl Is Comfortable For Pets

Your pets will like a vinyl floor too. Vinyl has slight padding that makes it comfortable to walk on. The more expensive brands have the thickest padding. Unlike a cold stone floor, vinyl is comfortable for your pets to sleep on. Plus, the surface isn't slick like hardwood and ceramic tile, so you don't have to worry about your pet slipping when running and playing in the house. The padding acts as insulation too, so vinyl is not as cold as some other types of flooring.

Vinyl plank flooring is attractive, durable against damage from pet toenails, and easy to clean. It's an option worth considering when you plan to update your home. Plus, vinyl planks are very popular now, so your home will be stylish too.

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