Floor Tiling 101: 3 Easy Tips For Choosing Tiles For Small Spaces

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Floor Tiling 101: 3 Easy Tips For Choosing Tiles For Small Spaces

21 March 2017
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A small home can either feel cramped or cozy. Unfortunately, if you are like most people you probably don't like the feeling of being crammed into a room. Luckily, you can trick your eye into believing your space is much larger by using the right floor tile. Incredibly easy and very effective, switching up your floor tile is a great way to revamp a small space.

So how you can use floor tile to make your space appear larger? Here are three basic tips:

1. Opt For Larger Tiles

Perhaps the easiest way to make a small space appear larger is to use larger floor tiles. Now this might sound counterproductive, but it is actually very effective. Larger floor tiles are often less busy, which automatically opens up the space. In addition, larger floor tiles require less grout. Less grout means there is less contrast to break up the space and this makes the room appear bigger, as well. Opting for larger tiles may be a very simple tip, but it is very effective for making small spaces appear larger.

2. Choose The Correct Color

Another helpful tip is to choose the correct color for your floor tile. As you might expect, lighter colors will open up the space better. This is because light and neutral colors are less busy. Lighter colors also reflect light better, which automatically makes a space appear bigger. If you don't want your flooring to be a single boring color, don't worry. You can always add accent tiles in a fun or bright color to liven up the space.

Choosing a color for your tile might seem difficult, but it doesn't have to be. Visit a local tile store and select some samples that you like. Take the samples home and see how they look in the space. Be sure to examine the tiles at varying times, as natural light can change how they look. Once you find a color and style you look, you'll be good to go.

3. Vary Tile Shape

Finally, don't feel like you need to stick to a single tile shape. Varying the shape of the tiles can be very helpful in making your space appear larger. Subtle changes in texture or shape will provide some variety to the eye and make the space appear bigger. It's another simple tip, but again it is quite effective.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can use floor tile to make your space appear larger. So if your floors are outdated or you simply want to update your space, consider implementing these tips to make your small space appear larger. Contact a dealer like Clifton Tile Plaza for more help.